Woman Finally Coming Around To New Song After Radio Station Plays It For 42nd Time Today


INITIALLY completely opposed to an unoriginal, dull and samey song being played on the radio, local woman Rachel Hughes is finally beginning to see its merits after her regular radio station essentially brainwashed her.

“It just wasn’t for me, it was very ‘meh’ but after some soul searching I realised I was wrong and that the DJs were right to play it 5 times an hour, every hour for a month straight,” a repentant Hughes stated, only sorry not to have realised the error of her ways sooner.

“I guess I’m not a music expert ‘cus when I first heard it I instantly said aloud ‘trash’ but what radio stations are teaching me is that you don’t have a choice, they will make you sing the lyrics off by heart like you’d learned them in the womb,” added Hughes.

Elsewhere, music fans are beginning to question their own music tastes after Hughes’ experience suggested being hammered over the head with an aggressive repetition is the reason behind why so many people treasure their favourite songs.

“That’s not true because then my favourite songs would be the ones that feature in adverts, my favourite video games, and other stuff like class movies and…wait, shit,” said one person whose favourite songs are derived solely from FIFA soundtracks and whatever arsehole bank has that cool cover version of that 90s song.

Appeals to radio stations to move beyond a mind-numbling playlist featuring the same rota of songs has been met with a direct threat from stations stating they will force Lewis Capaldi’s new song directly into your skull.