Fun Memory Game: Try Memorising Names Of TDs Who Voted To Exclude 24,000 Survivors From Mother & Baby Homes Redress Scheme


IT’S important to challenge the mind and remain mentally agile, and what better way to test your memory skills than by trying to memorise the list of TDs who voted in favour of legislation that would exclude 24,000 survivors of Mother & Baby Homes from a redress scheme.

Here’s a challenge – don’t just memorise for today but learn it off so that when someone comes knocking on your door during an election you can point out to them that it’s a heinous act of sociopathy to vote along party lines to prevent people who were ripped from their mothers, subjected to illegal vaccine trials and discriminated against from being part of a redress scheme.

Bonus point for remembering the government has routinely ignored the pleas of survivors in this matter and throughout the abysmal handling of the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes.

Fun test time, can you memorise these names:

Brophy, Colm (Fine Gael, Dublin south West)

Browne, James (Fiann Fáil, Wexford)

Burke, Colm (Fine Gael, Cork North Central)

Butler, Mary (Fianna Fáil, Waterford)

Byrne, Thomas (Fianna Fáil, Meath East)

Cahill, Jackie (Fianna Fáil, Tipperary)

Calleary, Dara (Fianna Fáil, Mayo)

Cannon, Ciarán (Fine Gael, Galway East)

Carey, Joe (Fine Gael, Clare)

Carroll MacNeill, Jennifer (Fine Gael, Dun Laoghaire)

Chambers, Jack (Fianna Fáil, Dublin West)

Collins, Niall (Fianna Fáil, Limerick County)

Coveney, Simon (Fine Gael, Cork South Central)

Cowen, Barry (Fianna Fáil, Laois-Offaly)

Creed, Michael (Fine Gael, Cork North West)

Crowe, Cathal (Fianna Fáil, Clare)

Devlin, Cormac (Fianna Fáil, Cormac Devlin)

Dillon, Alan (Fine Gael, Mayo)

Duffy, Francis Noel (Green Party, Dublin South West)

Durkan, Bernard (Fine Gael, Kildare North)

English, Damien (Fine Geal, Meath West)

Farrell, Alan (Fine Gael, Dublin Fingal)

Feighan, Frankie (Fine Gael, Sligo-Leitrim)

Flaherty, Joe (Fianna Fáil, Longford Westmeath)

Flanagan, Charles (Fine Gael, Laois Offaly)

Fleming, Sean (Fianna Fáil, Laois-Offaly)

Foley, Norma (Fianna Fáil, Kerry)

Griffin, Brendan (Fine Gael, Kerry)

Harris, Simon (Fine Gael, Wicklow)

Haughey, Seán (Fianna Fáil, Dublin Bay North)

Heydon, Martin (Fine Gael, Kildare South)

Higgins, Emer (Fine Gael, Dublin Mid West)

Hourigan, Neasa (Green Party, Dublin Central)

Humphreys, Heather (Fine Gael, Cavan Monaghan)

Kehoe, Paul (Fine Gael, Wexford)

Lahart, John (Fianna Fáil, Dublin South West)

Lawless, James (Fianna Fáil, Kildare North)

Leddin, Brian (Green Party, Limerick City)

Madigan, Josepha (Fine Gael, Dublin Rathdown)

Martin, Catherine (Green Party, Dublin Rathdown)

Martin, Micheál (Fianna Fáil, Cork South Central)

Matthews, Steven (Green Party, Wicklow)

McAuliffe, Paul (Fianna Fáil, Dublin North West)

McConalogue, Charlie (Fianna Fáil, Donegal)

McGrath, Michael (Fianna Fáil, Cork South Central)

McGuinness, John (Fianna Fáil, Carlow Kilkenny)

McHugh, Joe (Fine Gael, Donegal)

Moynihan, Aindrias (Fianna Fáil, Cork North West)

Moynihan, Michael (Fianna Fáil, Cork North West)

Murnane O’Connor, Jennifer (Fianna Fáil, Carlow Kilkenny)

Naughton, Hildegarde (Fine Gael, Galway West)

Noonan, Malcolm (Green Party, Carlow Kilkenny)

O’Brien, Darragh (Fianna Fáil, Dublin Fingal)

O’Brien, Joe (Green Party, Dublin Fingal)

O’Callaghan, Jim (Fianna Fáil, Dublin bay South)

O’Connor, James (Fianna Fáil, Cork East)

O’Dea, Willie (Fianna Fáil, Limerick City)

O’Donnell, Kieran (Fine Gael, Limerick City)

O’Donovan, Patrick (Fine Gael, Limerick County)

O’Dowd, Fergus (Fine Gael, Louth)

O’Gorman, Roderic (Green Party, Dublin West)

O’Sullivan, Christopher (Fianna Fáil, Cork South West)

O’Sullivan, Pádraig (Fianna Fáil, Cork North Central)

Ó Cathasaigh, Marc (Green Party, Waterford)

Ó Cuív, Éamon (Fianna Fáil, Galway West)

Phelan, John Paul (Fine Gael, Carlow Kilkenny)

Rabbitte, Anne (Fianna Fáil, Galway East)

Richmond, Neale (Fine Gael, Dublin Rathdown)

Ring, Michael (Fine Gael, Mayo)

Ryan, Eamon (Green Party, Dublin Bay South)

Smith, Brendan (Fianna Fáil, Cavan Monaghan)

Smyth, Ossian (Green Party, Dun Laoghaire)