Fantastic Beasts & Other Nicknames Man Calls His In-Laws


IN-LAWS; an integral part of any Christmas. A welcome presence and known for making you feel like part of the family. But at the same time…

Take a leaf out local waterford man Eoin Bingham’s book, who prides himself on being able to dole out nicknames to in-laws, even if he’s too afraid to say them to their faces:

The Fast and The Furious – the father-in-law when he’s tucking into Christmas turkey.

Jackass Forever – look, the brother-in-law just isn’t my cup of tea, okay?

Scrooge – you’d think a man would be allowed to switch on at least one episode of House of The Dragon during the Xmas but not on the NOW-hogging Mother-in-Law’s watch.

Mute Scamander – teenage nephew who hides in his room for the day playing Pokemon.

Hands Gruber – the overly touchy-feely uncle

Johnny Has No Depth – the sister-in-law’s new boyfriend who thinks dressing like Jack Sparrow and smelling like a bin is a personality.

Elf – auntie Maureen, short, impatient and a whizz at putting together Lego sets.

Boxing Day – the phase in the night when the brother-in-law and father-in-law argue over the remote

The Riddler – the uncle from Kerry whose accent is impossible to understand.

Dame Crawley – the elderly aunt who everyone is hoping will leave everything to them in the will

Dumblebore – the neighbours who pops round with a voice more dreary than a rain soaked holiday in a bin.

Sonic the Quality Street Hog – I’m not ashamed to say I do go at the chocolate awful hard, so I’ll admit I’ve earned a nickname myself.