Murphys, Beamish Or Guinness? Which Makes For The Best Bath?


WHILE the Irish public’s opinion on which pint is best to mull over in a pub varies greatly depending on region, province and locality, there seems to be a closer consensus on all matters of personal hygiene.

When it comes to drawing a bath made out of stout, a longstanding Irish tradition born out of old wives tales claiming the drinks had healing properties, the public have a clear winner.

“The creamy head on a Guinness tends to always pool around my hairy arse when I pull the plug which I find a bit disturbing so I only use Beamish” – John, Cork.

“I two-pour my Guinness bath but never get the head right, it’s often half head, half bath pint so I opt for Beamish, but Murphys if you’re stuck” – Eileen, Kilkenny.

“Murphys isn’t dark enough, I like my stout baths feeling like I’m slowly being enveloped by a black hole destined to be trapped in space for eternity – no better way to relax if you ask me. Beamish all the way” – David, Wicklow.

“Beamish bath, Guinness farts candle” – Aine, Galway.