Brave: This 77-Year-Old Confronted His Old School Bully & Got The Absolute Shit Kicked Out Of Him


IT’S never too late to make amends or right a wrong and that was certainly the perspective of Dublin man Danny Larter, who at 77-years-of age finally confronted his childhood bullies.

“I wasn’t sure it would go well but I certainly wasn’t expecting this,” Larter told WWN from his hospital bed as he recovered from six broken ribs, a punctured lung, concussion, shattered wrist and a dislocated testicle.

Larter had reached out to his former school bullies on social media and arranged meeting up for coffee in the city centre, in the hopes of conveying to the men how hurt he was by his treatment at the hands of the three men.

“I hadn’t even sat down and they were already calling me Fanny Farter, the same name they called me in school. I went to throw a punch such was the lifetime of resentment and fury I’d built up, but instead they bet one hundred different colours of shit out of me”.

“Honestly, I had read so many Daily Mail articles and seen so many Youtube videos about old bullies getting their comeuppance, I started to believe I could get similar revenge and closure. Fuck me, I was wrong,” added Larter who was told by onlookers that after throwing his one punch, his assailants danced on his head like it was a pogo-ball while chanting ‘fanny, fanny, fanny’.

Lynon encouraged people in a similar position to think again before confronting their childhood bullies.

“What’s worse is I shat myself during the beating and the lads uploaded a video of it to Tik Tok with the title ‘Danny Larter the Fanny Farter is a shitty sharter’ getting 10 million views”.