The Upsides Of Homelessness


WWN is delighted to be paid a small fee to partner with the 11 local authorities in Ireland that failed to build a single house in 2022 to produce this uplifting guide on the hidden upsides of homelessness.

The fresh air

Not being tied down.

A mortgage is like a milestone around the neck. Rent is like a slightly lighter milestone around the neck. You don’t want that.

Get to drink all day if you wish.

No one will bother you.

Don’t have to pay TV licence.

Zero maintenance.

Cash only society.

Just living in the moment.

Get to hang around with like-minded people.

No washing up to do.

Mortgage interest rates won’t affect you.

No neighbours to deal with.

Sleep anywhere you want.

Free soup, coffee.

No unwanted salespeople cold-calling to your door.

It could be worse, if you were placed in your house then you’ve officially be a Something for Nothing scrounger and SonOfEire32 over on Twitter would not be happy with you.

State sponsored funeral.

NOTE: This editorial was sponsored by the 11 local authorities who failed to deliver a single new-build home in 2022