Motor Insurance Premiums Falling By 17% In Last 5 Years Is News To Local Man


“WHO ARE these people? Has anyone personally spoken to them?” the inquiring words of local skeptic Ronan O’Paughlin, who was surprised to read a headline of motor insurance premiums falling by 17% in the last five years.

“Is this just data from drivers with zero litre engines and 100 years no claim bonuses?” queried O’Paughlin, who is known to shout ‘bastards’ every time a motor insurance firm appears on TV, radio or in his timeline.

O’Paughlin was initially under the mistaken belief that the news of reduced premiums were related to another country and remains unable to process the fact some people are enjoying more competitive pricing in the Irish insurance market.

“Oh wait, false alarm,” said O’Paughlin now reading passed a selectively titled headline to learn that the Central Bank authored report shows firms generated operating profits of €730mn over the same time.

“And this year prices only by 2% as their profit margins increased from 4% to 11%, and all that lobbying about capping insurance payouts so that premiums could be reduced was all a load of bullshit as many people said at the time?” said O’Paughlin, before narrowing his eyes and clearing his throat.

“Bastards,” he concluded.