Scientist Discover Species Of Very Suspicious Frog


SCIENTISTS in Ecuador are hailing the discovery of a new species of rain frog which is exceedingly suspicious in nature.

“I’ve been hurt before” explained the frog, discovered only in the last week by a group of researchers.

“Trust no one, only snakes around here,” the frog, named Fred, said referring to its main predator in the jungle but perhaps hinting at the disintegration of a relationship with a previous partner.

The rain frig joins six other recently discovered frogs already in danger of extinction due to deforestation robbing them of their habitats.

“This is easily the most suspicious frog we’ve discovered yet, at every approach we made we were met with cynical and doubtful responses to participating in a study,” herpetologist Dr Elena Vargas told WWN.

“We mentioned how we wanted to add him to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) red list of threatened species but he was all ‘what so you can monitor me, I don’t think so’. Then he just narrowed his eyes and stared at us for what felt like hours,” added Dr Vargas.

Dr Vargas and her team ran into more scepticism when asking the frog for a swab sample, what his daily routine involved or polite inquiry about its eating habits.

Information gathering was further delayed by Fred’s insistence that Dr Vargas produce an ID proving she is who she claims to be.