Rugby Mad, Liverpool Supporting Kildare Man Could Have Had Better Weekend


IN WHAT experts are calling possibly the worst sporting weekend endured by anyone in recent times, Leinster supporting, Liverpool mad Kildare man Jamie O’Connor finds himself deep in the trenches of sporting defeat.

“I’ve found myself in the eye of a shitstorm, everywhere I looked it was heartache” explained red-eyed O’Connor, who watched Leinster lose at the death to La Rochelle in the Champions Cup before tuning into Real Madrid winning their 14th Champion’s League.

“The less said about the massacre the Dubs committed the better,” added O’Connor of the Leinster Senior Final, who uttered several thousand curse words throughout the weekend and had a rest heart rate of ‘man thrown from plane with no parachute’.

O’Connor explained that Huddersfield being his second favourite football team, on account on his grandfather being a fan, certainly didn’t help matters.

“I’ll be trying to put it all behind me now anyway, I’ve the Grand Prix recorded from yesterday, no spoilers! Just hope Hamilton can turn things around,” said O’Connor, who was overwhelmed with the sudden reemergence of once mute Man United fans in his WhatsApp chats.

O’Connor then spoke of his relief at the fact he was getting a break from the ridicule by going on holiday with his girlfriend. However, WWN did not have the heart to break it to him when he mentioned he was flying out of Dublin Airport.