Struggling With The Cost Of Living? Have You Considered Becoming A TD?


THE COMBINATION of inflation, wage stagnation and every conceivable business and service raising their prices has had a devastating effect on the wallets of those Irish people who were already struggling to keep afloat.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel as outlined by WWN’s money man and consumer expert Freddy Knobs, who has revealed a simple way to combat of cost of living struggles:

Become a TD. I cannot stress this enough, become a TD.

Need a little extra income in the house?

Once you’re a TD just make a family member your parliamentary assistant. That way they’re bringing in some extra cash on top of your salary.

Your Public Representative Allowance could net you anywhere between €16k and €20k in expenses per year. If you’re millennial – just think of the avocado on toasts!

And remember you can claim for petrol even on days you’re not in Leinster House under the Travel and Accommodation Allowance.

Then there’s the one-off Constituency Office Allowance of €8k. It’s hard to keep up with all these allowances but in short – cost of living means as much to you now you’re a TD as algebra does to a fish.

Concerned about how you can’t afford the basics, like a phone?

Not anymore, you can claim €750 for a phone!

‘What about the 15% rise in house prices this year alone?’ Duh, one in four TDs are landlords, this won’t just be the last of your worries, it’ll be the first of your joys. Think of the passive wealth you’ll be accumulating.

What if you get the boot from the electorate?

Don’t worry you still have your pension, and even if you only do 3 years you’ll get a year’s worth of severance payments in the region of €50k. Just think of all the electricity and petrol you can buy with that! At least a week’s supply.