Cavan Man Forgot To Claim Pandemic Refund From Car Insurance In Move That Will Haunt Him Forever


THE news that VHI are to refund customers following a year of lower-than-expected claims has reminded Cootehill man Colm O’Hannarah that his car insurance company did something similar, but he’s fucked if he remembers what or when.

“The one time in the entirety of history that a car insurance crowd actually gave you money instead of taking it back, and I can’t remember if I claimed it or ever got it in the first place,” sobbed O’Hannarah, who claims he was too distracted by the money he was losing by being on the PUP at the time.

“It was only something like 30 quid or so, I think they sent me a text or an email about it… if I didn’t know any better, I’d say they knew rightly that people were too distracted by the pandemic to claim the money, so they’d never pay it out. Anyway, they’ll never give it to me now. Fuck, that’s going to annoy me for the rest of my life, that is”.

Adding further salt to the wound, the 45-year-old added that he doesn’t even have a VHI policy, and as such will not avail of the premium waivers which will reportedly range from €75 to €300 per adult.

“Curse my frugality,” sobbed O’Hannarah, while changing his car insurance provider to ensure he never has to be reminded of the mistake that lost him 30 euro, which is almost an entire month’s heating cost for him.