World Asks To Skip To Part When Scruffy & Gaunt Putin Is Pulled From Hiding Hole


MIRRORING the fate of his former dictator peers, renewed calls have been made from the world to just skip to the part when a scruffy, gaunt faced Vladimir Putin is dragged from a Russian hiding hole and dealt with in the usual fashion, WWN can confirm.

“It’s probably best avoid all the in-between death and suffering and just do a Ghaddafi on him, or a Saddam, or if he so desires, a Hitler,” proposed just about everybody now sick of his shit, while making a gun trigger motion to their head.

“It’s not like anyone will miss him, apart from a few million brainwashed Russians and your mental mate sending you conspiracy theories… oh yeah, and Oliver Stone”.

With tens of thousands of both Russian and Ukrainian troops killed along with countless civilians, many believe the time has already passed for the Russian leader to be trialed for war crimes at the Hague, stating a complete all-out mission to remove Putin would suffice, before he gets a chance at his 6,000 nuclear warheads.

“What the fuck are we waiting for?” asked more people, more worried about the price of oil and gas than anything, “the man is obviously unhinged, and I don’t have time to assess the wider geo-political fallout from all out world war – not when filling up my car feels like being robbed at gunpoint, just get it done”.