Local Woman Kindly Donates All Her Old Shite To Ukraine


INCREDIBLY charitable Waterford woman Sheila McCarthy has asked for ‘no praise’ following her generous donation of an entire wardrobe clear-out to a collection for refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

The 37-year-old has gone ‘above and beyond’ in her drive to ensure Ukrainian citizens who have left their homes have everything they need, including some of her barely-worn party dresses, old underwear, and a Nutribullet that she doesn’t use any more since she bought a newer, better Nutribullet.

“Please, I’m just doing what anyone with a heart of solid gold would do,” said McCarthy on her ninth Instagram post about the subject.

“I saw a call out on a local WhatsApp that there would be a collection in the community centre, and that there was an urgent need for warm clothes, baby clothes, food, sanitary products, and other essentials. And while I didn’t have any of that stuff around the house, I more than made up for it by with several bin-bags full of busted old shoes, some Christmas pajama sets that have seen better days, this clock that I don’t like any more, and a pile of kids’ jigsaws which still have most of their pieces”.

McCarthy later updated her 87 followers that the people at the collection depots turned away most of her donations, and as such everyone else should boycott the place and support the Russian invasion from this point on.