Ireland Cancelled After Old Recording Of ‘Eenie Meenie Minie Mo’ Emerges


THE nation has issued an apology for using a racially insensitive version of a playground rhyme for decades, although many have their doubts if everyone is actually sorry or if they’re just looking for the whole incident to blow over so they can move on, untouched by consequences.

The matter reared its head after an old recording of the decision-making, team-choosing rhyme ‘Eenie Meenie Minie Mo’ emerged, forcing the once overwhelmingly white country to admit that yes, it’s been pretty racist over the years, although not everyone seemed to be on the one page over the matter.

“I was a child at the time and didn’t question it, but as I grew up I quickly learned the ignorance behind it. It’s not a word I use these days, and I distance myself from others who use racial slurs like it. Furthermore, I’ve raised my kids to know that things like that are inappropriate, so we can hopefully leave this intolerant crap in the distant past and grow together as a nation” read one reasonable reply.

“Sure what harm did it do?” read another, somewhat more problematic opinion.

“Okay, just so I’m clear, if I say ‘I’m sorry’ then all is forgiven, right? Even if I don’t mean it, just say sorry and boom, all done, move on and not mention it again? Because that would really work out well for me to be honest. You might have the time to worry about whether or not you’re offending someone, I certainly don’t. So yeah, okay I’m sorry. Terribly sorry. Blah blah blah now let’s move on,” said another white person.

Meanwhile, the nation has quietly deleted records of a number of other problematic playground rhymes such as ‘My Cousin Jock’, to avoid any further embarrassment.