“Woah, For Real?” Rogan Says Through Gritted Teeth As Guest Explains How Vaccines Work


FOLLOWING the issuing of a video on social media to his followers Joe Rogan has said he will try to ‘balance out’ the opinions and guest choices on his popular podcast, in the wake of pressure on Spotify to address claims Rogan’s podcast has served as a Covid-19 misinformation confetti cannon.

Strapping into his chair for the first day in the new era of trying harder to get people with differing opinions on the show, a beat down looking Rogan noted only 12 minutes had passed in the podcast recording meaning there was at least another 2 hours of peer reviewed science being explained by an expert working in the relevant field to come.

“Woah, for real?” a despondent Rogan said through gritted teeth as his guest, an experienced virologist who has not been discredited or outed as a eugenics nut, succinctly provided factual information without knowingly cherry picking elements of research and misrepresenting it, completely sapping the joy from the host.

“Far out? Jamie pull up a clip of this, that’s wild,” a deflated Rogan said, unable to portray his usual curiosity, as his guest wasn’t suggesting Hitler is actually still alive and living in a bunker on the Moon.

“And this shit is legit legit?” Rogan said, performing a passable cover version of being interested, as an uncontroversial charisma vacuum of a scientist delivered digestible information about the efficacy of vaccines.

Utterly devoid of any remnant of engrossment, Rogan signed heavily when the scientist derisively smirked at the notion that the pandemic was ‘planned’.

“Thanks for coming on as this is the kind of space we like to be open to ideas and conversations,” said Rogan, vowing never to subject himself to this dumbass shit again.