Jenner Corp Confirm Franchise Expansion Plans


THE news of the latest acquisition which will not be online for another few months, has sent anticipation among consumers through the roof and the hype is such that shares in Jenner Corp rose by 12%.

“Further consolidating and building on a previous merger, this acquisition allows us to offer customers of Jenner Corp greater variety,” confirmed Jenner Corp chief product officer, Kris.

“This new product range also helps us diversify our portfolio and makes us less exposed should another pre-existing product fall out of favour with consumers in the event of the inevitable future plastic surgery not ‘taking’,” added the CPO.

Dubbed a smart move by business experts, the multi-platform and dynamic 24/7 entity represents yet another opportunity for Jenner Corp, a lifestyle group with significant marketing abilities, to capture yet more market share.

A strategy of both horizontal and vertical integration has paid off for Jenner Corp and the entities, which fall under its wider umbrella of offerings, as few if any organisations can rival it when it comes to its offering to consumers.

“The market synergy is off the chain with these guys, but they don’t rest so I’m sure further expansions are already being planned” offered one expert.

The latest share price jump sees Jenner Corp return to previous record price not seen since it ended its partnership with controversial Ye brand.