Going On Joe Duffy Still Quickest Way To Get Child Urgent Specialist Care


WITH the news that more than 100,000 children are waiting for hospital treatment due to historic dysfunction and a shortage of consultants in the HSE, as well Covid-19 and HSE hack related delays, the Joe Duffy fronted Liveline radio show remains the best way to ensure your child gets the medical care they urgently require.

The HSE has confirmed that all their phone numbers serving paediatric care queries now simply redirect to Joe Duffy, putting desperate parents through live on air to beg and pressure the health service into providing essential care.

“It’s a bit of a Hunger Games situation, which is fun,” confirmed a HSE spokesperson, “if you get through to Joe and your story of your child’s serious medical issue, and the failure of the Irish State enrages the public enough to make us shit ourselves, we’ll capitulate and sort something for you”.

Broadcasting Monday to Friday from 1.45pm-3pm, Liveline is actually open to the public for much longer than many services in regional hospitals.

“That it’s commonplace for parents to go on the radio begging for care for their children is not a huge indictment of our society at all, in fact I think it’s kind of cool,” continued the HSE spokesperson who warned they only have a few more ‘freebie’ skips to the top of waiting lists to give away this week so heartbroken parents are urged to act fast.

The Department of Health confirmed a good long term solution do such issues would be to offer decent contracts to hospital consultants, however, the Dept said it would continue to pursue its policy of contracts that are better used as toilet paper.