Did You Send Your Child To A Fee Paying School Or Is It A Cult? Know The Signs


LONG thought to be indistinguishable, here’s your essential guide to spotting if you thought you had innocently parted with cash only to realise you had erroneously sent your child to a fee paying school.

Here’s how to discern if you’ve sent your child to a private school or a cult:

Is the school/cult institution instilling a toxic sense of superiority?

Does your child now chant certain things in Latin or have they developed a God complex?

Discounting any opinions from the ‘outside’ that undermines the sense of total authority the institution tries to project?

Is it hard to tell your child apart from all the other children? Have they all adopted the same accent, tone and inflection in their voice?

Has your child been forced to undergo any rituals that normal people would describe as ‘a bit mad’?

Despite leaving the school/cult they still say it was the best years of their life and maintain an unyielding loyalty to the institution.

Plays rugby a lot.

Are you consistently sold the idea that your child will prosper at an exponential rate if you just keep handing over cash?

You’ll need to sit down, we’ve got some troubling news for you…