Exclusive: McDonald Failed To Hold Door Open For Elderly Woman In 2005


Reporting by Noel Kelly, Paul Peel, Sean McGarten, Rebecca Kind, Frank Rafferty, Martin Nowak, Kelly Tiernan and Jack Kinsealy. Additional reporting by Brian Fanton and Olivia Ní Coinnigh.

IN YET another shocking example of the depths Sinn Féin are willing to plunge, the Military Junta which presides over the party have refused to sanction any comment to the media on the news that Herr Mary Lou McDonald failed to hold the door open for an elderly woman in 2005.

The silence, obfuscation and subject changing by the shadowy forces within the party should surprise no one. McDonald refused to be drawn into answering questions on the incident, all but admitting guilt. However, despite the wall of silence preserved by Sinn Insane, here is what The Sunday Whispers team was able to find out:

By not holding the door open, the gust of wind generated by the automatic closing function on the door could have reached speeds 4kph which according to The Sunday Whispers’ estimations is severe enough to turn a pensioner’s fragile bones to dust. Certain obliteration.

Eyewitnesses to the incident, who spoke to The Sunday Whispers on condition of not being identified as members of Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil, said that McDonald had a ‘murderous look’ in her eyes when failing to hold the door open.

One witness said it was perhaps the most evil act they had ever seen in their lives. While this publication couldn’t verify if the incident happened as described, we can very much picture McDonald cackling while saying something like ‘death to pensioners’. Please, picture it with us.

After the disgusting incident, the elderly woman subsequently died 16 years later from what we will assume were injuries incurred during the vicious door-closing attack. The woman’s family suggest she died from Covid-19 caught in a nursing home in January 2021, but what would they know.

Clearly, some serious questions to answer for Sinn Féin.