Local Man Reckons Woman Who Brought Him Into This World Only Deserves A Candle


AFTER CAREFUL consideration one Galway man has come to the conclusion that it’d be asking a bit much to fork out more that 15ish euro on a Christmas present for the person who birthed him into this world.

“Hmmm, cranberry and ginger scented…” mused Sean Carey as his hand hovered over a shelf filled with a range of heavily discounted candles, reluctantly picking up one priced €14.99.

“Nothing cheaper, no?” Carey asked the shop owner, confident he had found just the right present, if a little expensive, to convey his gratitude to his mother for a lifetime of rearing him.

“This one has a chip on the glass holder yoke, anything off the price for that?” added Carey, who could picture his mother’s delighted face come Christmas morning when she would proudly state ‘that’s just lovely now, you shouldn’t have gone to such a fuss’.

The 26-year-old left the shop beaming, knowing that when all is said and done, he left no stone unturned is his pursuit of a gift designed to let his mother know how much she meant to him.

Elsewhere, Carey’s mother was throwing fists amid a scrum in Currys as she battled several men four times her size in a bid to secure the PS5 Carey has heavily hinted he wanted to wake up on Christmas or else ‘Christmas was ruined’.