Thousands Of Irish Get Boat To England For Covid Jab


“TYPICAL IRISH, coming over here taking our jabs,” remarked one UK customs official as the first ferry load of Irish people made the boat trip to England in search of medical treatment currently not available in Ireland.

The cross channel traffic is being blamed on news that a 91-year-old Irish grandmother was the first in the UK to receive Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccination, resulting in thousands of Irish people having the exact same thought.

“Pssht, c’mere, everyone’s doing it. You’ll be met off the boat by my cousin Sheila, she knows someone doing the jabs no questions asked,” explained one person, utilising a network of contacts which was thankfully rendered all but obsolete nearly 2 years ago.

With the vaccine not ready for roll out for a number of weeks in Ireland, ferry services are expected to enjoy peak traffic to the UK.

“Swear to God, you just stroll in there, stick a big Stephen Fry accent on yourself and they’ll be none the wiser,” said one man, who used the same method for securing work on building sites in London in the 1980s.

Those asked not to engage in ‘vaccine tourism’ have been told to remain patient and simply wait for the flawless rollout of the vaccine in Ireland by the HSE and the Department of Health.

“I know yeah we don’t buy that bull either, enjoy the ferry and bring us back a few vaccines while you’re at it,” offered one HSE spokesperson.

Elsewhere, others have stated their intention to get the jab when they’re up North visiting the dentist.