Couple Out For Evening Walk Lit Up Like The Eiffel Tower


DUBLIN city couple Eamon and Catherine Faughton have taken to their now regular routine of heading out for an evening walk in the dark, a sight the surrounding community is all too familiar with on account of the fact the pair can be seen from the International Space Station.

“The Faughtons are off out again,” signaled NASA astronaut Heather Bogdan to her ISS colleagues as Eamon and Catherine, clad in high vis jackets, ankle reflectors, blinking red lights and head mounted front lights, began their evening 5km jaunt.

“Fucking hell,” added local motorist Seanie King as he swerved to avoid what he presumed was an 18-wheel truck with its high beams on, which instead turned out to be the Faughtons powering away on the path up ahead.

The Faugthons, living among some of the best lit pathways in Ireland, have left no unnecessary light emitting or reflecting apparatus behind at home, for fear some trawler in the middle of the Atlantic might not be able to see them.

“Better to be safe than sorry,” Catherine Faughton defended their matching reflective jackets, as the brakes on passing cars could be heard screaching in the background from drivers rubbernecking and nearly rearending each other, “our retinas may be permanently damaged, but at least we won’t be run over”.