“Suck Whatever You Want”: The Pope’s Full Speech Revealed


AN UNEDITED transcript of Pope Francis’ controversial speech advocating same-sex families has been revealed, showing that the Pontiff may have swung his decision based on a four-day Queer Eye binge-a-thon as well as a heartbreaking viewing of ‘Call Me By Your Name’, WWN can report.

The Pope caused ripples throughout the Catholic Church with his comments about how ‘homosexual people have a right to be in a family’, prompting many commentators on social media to state that they knew better than God’s representative on Earth when it comes to these things.

But the full-length interview from the upcoming documentary ‘Francesco’ shows that the Pope did not make his comments lightly, and that whoever wrote this whole ‘man should not lie with man’ business in the Bible ‘clearly hasn’t given it a go’.

“Tell me how you can watch Antoni, Karamo, Jonathan and Tan give soemone’s life a makeover and still hate them just because they love the feel of a good mickey” mused Pope Francis in outtakes from the upcoming film.

“I’ve also been watching a lot of Drag Race since we all went into lockdown, and the idea that the Church could deny these people happiness after all they went through during Snatch Game, well, no, I can’t stand by any longer and be okay with that. And I’m talking about gay women, too. Have you seen Blue Is The Warmest Colour? Oh my”.

Meanwhile the gay community have stated that while the Pope’s comments are welcome, it’s not like they were sitting around waiting for his blessing on their lives.