Old Bully From School On Facebook Promoting Pyramid Scheme


WWN CAN exclusively report that a large number of former school bullies appear to be either wittingly or unwittingly engaged in pyramid schemes, if they’re recent, desperate social media postings are anything to go by.

Early research suggests 95% of people who made your life utter hell in school are actively talking up the benefits of currency trading or pressuring you to invest in on some cosmetics company which is clearly a scam.

“Great opportunity, wouldn’t put my name to it if it didn’t work,” confirmed one local former school bully in a status, who has ratcheted up their Facebook status appeals now they realise they’ve accidentally fallen for a pyramid scheme and need to recover their money fast by recruiting more people into a unique ‘definitely not a pyramid scheme’ multi-level marketing opportunity.

“Oh My God, how long has it been? Forever! You were always gas craic in school. How’s things? Ya look bleedin’ gorgeous in your profile pic. Look I have this business opportunity…” added the former school bully now in a direct message on Instagram, who you have vivid memories of pulling your hair out and creating a bald spot and psychological scars, neither of which have healed properly since.

Pyramid schemes are reportedly becoming more prevalent on social media sites, chiefly Facebook, as livelihoods continue to be impacted by Covid-19, which explains the increased prevalence of irredeemable doses crawling back onto your newsfeeds.

“Ah don’t be like that you complete bitch, always said you were a stuck up bitch ‘n all. Think you’re better than everyone else,” concluded the bully, in response to your concerns that they may be caught up in potential illegal activity which could adversely impact their finances.