World Health Organisation Open New Whatsapp Group For Bitching About Trump


KEY members of the World Health Organisation have been advised to use the separate Whatsapp group titled ‘stupid orange cunt’ when discussing US President Donald Trump, in a bid to keep all other channels free for more important matters.

The special Whatsapp group is being used for discussions surrounding Trump’s threat to permanently freeze US support for the WHO, as well as frank discussions about Trump’s appearance, weight, failed business ventures, idiot children and crumbling presidency, as well as forwarding any funny Trump memes or videos they might get from elsewhere.

“Morning, I hope everyone remembered to take their daily dose of hydroxychloroquine,” joked executive director Dr. Michael Ryan to the group, adding a series of crying laugh emojis and one of those crazy face emojis for good measure.

“LOL, yeah, and I shoved a UV light up my arse hole and now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside,” added deputy director general Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, following up with a GIF of Marv from Home Alone 2 being electrocuted.

The Whatsapp group creation comes days after the US president threatened to pull funding from the World Health Organisation over what he claims is the organisation ‘siding with China’, in yet another failed bid to distract from how incompetent his administration is.

“Best of luck with the election, Donald,” another group member shared with a screen grab of the latest covid-19 estimate of 100 thousand American deaths. “Yeah, don’t listen to us, we’re only the fucking professionals so what would we know, you malignant ball of oozing puss”.