New Domestic Violence Campaign Has Neighbour Sweating For Some Reason


WITH CALLS to domestic abuse charities increasing and Gardaí confirming there has been a 30% increase in domestic violence reports since the lockdown began, a new domestic violence awareness campaign has come at a vital time but is, for some reason, making your neighbour sweat.

Always a jovial and amiable presence on the other side of the hedge dividing your front gardens, your neighbour seemed uncharacteristically on edge even during these stressful and uncertain times despite being among the lucky portion of the population to be living at home with someone who appeared on the surface at least, to be a lovely and supportive partner.

Normally always good for a joke and natter about taking the bins out at the same time or a moan about the young lad across the road in his VW Golf with the loud exhaust, your neighbour’s mind seemed elsewhere as if they had taken the worries of the world on their shoulders.

Not even a lighthearted comment about you hearing what sounded like an especially loud and rowdy episode of Eastenders through the wall on their TV last night could rouse them from their sheepish stupor.

“Relax, this isn’t the valley of the squinting windows, we kept ourselves to ourselves here so no need for the whispering I won’t be ringing the guards on ya for having the telly too loud,” you added, just trying to disperse the overwhelmingly odd air that had engulfed the conversation with your neighbour whispering, avoiding eye contact and looking over their shoulder.

“See there on the news, they’re saying domestic abuse is on the up,” you added, making small talk and just trying to fill space in the conversation.

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