Local Couple Look Like They Could Be Related


THE LONGER friends, coworkers and acquaintances of local couple Cian Horan and Emily Foran are exposed to the regular deluge of photos uploaded by the couple on social media, the more the pair seem to eerily resemble one another.

The unsettling and disturbing realisation came about owing to the couple’s similar complexions, hair and eye colours best summarised as ‘fairly Irish looking’, something many people continue to remark on in hushed whispers.

“Aside from them appearing to have the sexual chemistry of two eunuchs living in different countries on opposite sides of the world, they clearly could be related in some way – if I were them I’d be straight online ordering the DNA kits from ancestry.com,” remarked one coworker of Cian’s, who got quite the shock when he first saw Cian wearing the face off Emily who he just presumed was the man’s identical twin.

What was once declared a huge annoyance, fresh photos of the couple that appear on social media timelines prompts acquaintances to pour over them, drawn to various facial features with many remarking ‘they’ve even got the same bloody nose. Look, look, look, see!’

“They even talk like one another, use the same phrases. They kinda melt into one for me,” remarked a neighbour, who thought it was odd that two siblings would voluntarily share a one-bed apartment until the penny dropped.

“Well the penny didn’t drop, I presumed incest but after I broke into their place when they were away and dug out their birth certs, I saw I made an innocent mistake,” added the neighbour, before concluding that’s exactly what a secretly related couple would want him to think.