Take A Break From Covid-19 News With These Pictures Of Adorable Animals


IT’S a lot to take in, we know. Temporary changes, sacrifices and reductions in social interactions, restrictions on public events.

However, WWN is taking a break from its world renowned and respected coverage which is the envy of all inferior news organisations to bring you a welcome distraction in the form of adorable animals that will help release necessary and much welcomed serotonin.

Deep breaths, relax and…

Check out these sar pei puppies, so adorable and fluffy. We’re not condoning it but my, don’t they look like they could almost be a perfect substitute for toilet paper in the event of a worldwide toilet paper panic shortage?

Wait a fucking second is…is that Gentoo penguin rapping? We’re no doctors but c’mon, looking at these animals has got to be helping in some way?

She’s a kitten, he’s a duckling; maybe they’re a crime fighting duo that are here to solve the case of a corrupt police force and a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top!!! Or maybe they’re roommates who at first can’t stand each other but end becoming the best of friends.

Adorable little fucker, isn’t he. So cute you’d almost forget he’d cause you more harm than stepping on 100 lego pieces while in your socks, the prickly prick.

Bless, no idea what this little guy’s name is. Want to name him maybe? Rupert? Nah that’s shit isn’t it. We’re no good at this. But he’s adorable, right? Want another one? Here’s another one on the house:

Is ‘Not Rupert Because That’s A Woeful Name’ bullying his brother? Shit, people on Twitter are going to demand he’s fired from his job in next to no time.

Bear cubs! Did you know there’s tonnes of adorable animal photos online, like, there’s nothing stopping you doing this all day, everyday. We looked it up, there’s no limit. This is awesome.

Ew, what the fuck is that? How did this get in here. No idea what this lad is. If we had to guess we’d call it a ‘Goot’? Or a ‘Blump’? Answers welcome.

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