Coronas Virus Must Be Stopped Confirm Irish Music Fans


A RELIEVED community of ardent Irish music fans admitted they had all but lost hope of someone acting to prevent the Coronas from continuing to spread their harmful aurally transmitted virus on the airwaves until the Chinese government stepped up to the plate.

“I’m not even going to question how it is the Chinese ever heard of the Coronas virus, I’m just glad someone is finally doing something about it, international coordination is the only way forward to stop them,” confirmed Irish music fan Cormac O’Connell, watching footage of Chinese health officials in hazmat suits on TV.

The news represents a big win for tireless Irish music fans and medical professionals who have called for the spread of the aural pathogen to be stopped, so future generations could be spared the ear ache.

“I’ve thrown the radio out the kitchen window, screamed in a panic while driving the car as they come on the radio but never died, that’s certainly a troubling development,” confirmed O’Connell, as he skimmed through various headlines of the nascent spread of the coronavirus throughout China.

With songs like ‘Won’t Leave You Alone’, ‘Mark My Words’ and ‘Closer To You’ the Coronas virus has for years warned its victim through threatening sounding song titles, but it is believed this could now come to an end.

“I hope the Chinese are successful and can contain this, we can only look on with a mix of horror and hope, not wanting anyone to ever suffer the misfortune of a Spotify algorithm adding the Coronas into a Discover Weekly playlist”.