Local Mother Beginning To Think ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Not Sequel To Peter Rabbit


ONE NERVOUS mother taking her kids to the cinema is starting to suspect Jojo Rabbit, a satirical film about the adventures of a child and his imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler, is not in fact a sequel to simple animated fare Peter Rabbit.

Instantly panicking over the fact it was a ‘Hitler movie’, mother-of-three Shana Killeen (38) was too busy breaking out in a sweat at the thought of receiving the mother of all bollockings from her husband, Gerry, to notice the 12A rating or the constant stream of laughter coming from her kids as they sat engrossed in by the comedic mediation on the folly of intolerance and hate.

“I can see the headlines now: ‘Bad mom takes kids to Hitler movie’,” Killeen said, continuing to panic but somehow still finding the strength to horse into a tub of popcorn, completely unaware that she was in fact more likely to be make headlines as the badass mom who took her kids to a Hitler movie.

“Wow boys, we enjoyed Peter Rabbit 2, the movie we definitely saw… didn’t we?” Killeen said upon returning, just to be on the safe side, loudly enough for her husband to hear.

“You’ve got to stop taking them to that dumbed down animated nonsense, they should be watching entertaining stuff with something to say. Like that one that’s got Hitler looking like a right eejit in it,” concluded husband Gerry in reply.