“You Get A Lot Of Slagging, But You Get Over It”; We Speak To Declan Hitler


NOBODY uses the phone book anymore, but if they did, and they went to H, and went all the way past the Harrises, the Hillarys and the Hitchcocks, they’d get to Hitler; the only Hitler in Ireland, Waterford’s own Declan Hitler.

Born to a German dad and a Waterford mum in 1980, Hitler has heard his fair share of jokes and playful slagging over his 39 years, which has re-surfaced ahead of the release of the WW2-themed comedy drama Jojo Rabbit, opening in Irish cinemas on January 1st.

“Yeah, me and the lads were at the cinema there at the weekend and the trailer came on, and of course they started with the ‘you didn’t tell us you had a movie coming out!’ gags” sighed Hitler in a thick Waterford accent.

“Believe it or not, nobody had mentioned it for years. There’s so much going on in life that a lot of people, if you can believe it, don’t really remember Hitler all that much. A right-wing fanatic who used his popularity among the more down-trodden and lower-income corners of society to swiftly rise to power by stoking fear and xenophobia during barnstorming public appearances? Sure where would you get it these days”.

An avid GAA fan, Hitler played club football to senior level, and was known on the pitch as ‘the spirit of 45’ for his accuracy from 45 metres out.

Hitler also enjoys walking his dog along the strand in Tramore, and enjoying life with his wife Maria Kenning, who kept her own surname after they married for no particular reason.

“Yeah, it hasn’t made much of an impact in my life,” said Hitler, Waterford Hitler, that is.

“The only time I noticed it was when I worked as a chef for summer, they let ME go after saying it was ‘poor optics’ having a lad called Hitler swearing in German at the top of his lungs”.

Declan Hitler waved us off before heading for a pint with his pals Martin Franco and Seamus Mussolini.