Trump Impeachment Trial Ratings Will Be “Far Greater Than Clinton’s”


US president Donald Trump is said to be ‘delighted’ to be impeached, as it will allow him an opportunity to rack up much higher ratings than the last impeachment trial of a president, namely the 1998 Bill Clinton hearings.

The House Of Representatives voted yesterday to impeach Trump on two counts, which the president later claimed would add up to “twice the ratings” when it came to “showtime”.

The claims were dismissed as ‘wishful thinking’ by many who vividly remember the sordid details of the Monica Lewinsky-based Clinton impeachment, but who are only vaguely aware of what it is Trump is getting accused of this time.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump has triumphantly taken to the stage in a rally in some Red State town to boast of the enormous ratings his trial will draw, a sure sign that the nation just can’t get enough of that Trump goodness.

“It won’t be the first time I’ve beaten a Clinton, am I right?” boomed Trump, to jubilant applause.

“The Democrats have basically handed me the 2020 presidency, simply because they don’t understand fine people like yourselves. You’re not interested in due process, and laws, and corrupt political nonsense like that. You guys like winning! And rallies! And speeches like this one where we all get a chance to cheer loudly! So I say it’s an honour to be impeached, as it’s just another sign of how great our country is! USA! Jobs!”.

Meanwhile a poll of Americans has shown that only 35% of them believe Trump actually has been impeached, as you can’t really believe the news these days thanks to the corrupt MSM.