5 Signs Your Phone Is Listening To You


CASUALLY USING your phone or casually not using your phone, the problem consumers face today is the fear that were they to open their mouths within earshot of a phone it would be listening in, waiting to log what is said and using it in a sinister way. Targeting you with ads or services. Manipulating the way to use and navigate your phone.

It’s important to be aware of the signs, read on to better understand if your phone is listening to you:

You’re just being paranoid

Many apps on your phone ask for permission to have access to your contacts, messages, photos and access to what you do on other apps as well, and you’ve said yes. So, relax your phone isn’t listening to you, you’ve just given it permission to every single click, scroll and type you engage in. Hence why it feels like it’s listening to you.

Data-collecting software is very sophisticated

You could be accused of being slightly naive about how advanced data-collection is on websites and apps, which is then used to create a unique profile of individual users, noting your age, potential income, socio-economic background and much more which can produce eerily accurate targeted ads. Rest easy.

Seriously you gave that app permission to look at your fucking messages and photos dumbass

Wether it’s a fitness app, a chat app, a social media app, a weather app, a clothes app, a fun game. You name it, you’ve clicked yes on every single one of their Terms and Conditions which clearly state ‘we want access to all your information’. So no wonder accurate ads turn up on your web browser. It’s not rocket science.

Seriously, you’re just being paranoid

So, you and your friend just discussed oven cleaning for the very first time in your entire life and now all the ads you get are for ovens, oven cleaning products and services, and oddly, vibrators, but that’s another story. It may be easier to wrap your head around your phone listening in and loggin what you talk about rather than accepting how frighteningly accurate these data point gathering things are.

Wait, Apple was fucking paying staff to listen in on people’s phones? That’s fucked up

They had employees listening in to 1,000 Siri conversations every shift? Throw away your phone now, burn it. Blow it up. Hang on, Microsoft was found to be listening in on people’s Skype calls too? Google was doing the same! Fuck, even Alexa? Well at least Facebook is there, you can always trust Facebook to be responsible with your data, right?