WARNING: This Horrifying News Footage Starts With A 30 Second Ad


WARNING – the following news footage which shows a now viral attack/incident/event starts with preroll advertisement that last for 30 seconds while also generating €5 for every 1,000 views we get from it.

As a premium news publisher, we’ve had to implement this unrelated moisturizer advertisement before the horrific ghoul bait video, so just sit back and relax and you’ll be able to view the 8 second clip once we’ve made a few quid from it, thanks.

Look, we could have decided not to place the advert at the start, but your clicks are important to us, more so than the content we’re trying to show you, so have a little patience and some respect, please.

We see you’re hovering over the ‘x’ on your browser now, which tells us that you’re not going to sit through the entire 30 second advert, which is really disappointing to be honest. Could you not have just hang in there until we made some coin? The video is really gruesome and right up your street, so you’ll be rewarded right after the advert is over.

Okay, okay, maybe we hoodwinked you a bit and the video is actually not all that bad at all and you feel a little cheated, but look, you’ll end up back here again in a few hours looking for more horrible imagery to give you that dark, dull feeling in your pancreas.

We’ll catch you again, no doubt.