Rescuers Attempt To Free Trapped Gemma O’Doherty Down Rabbit Hole


RESCUE services in Dublin were called to an undisclosed location this afternoon in a attempt to free a European Election candidate who is believed to have become trapped down a very deep rabbit hole, WWN can confirm.

Anti-Corruption Ireland founder Gemma O’Doherty reportedly fell down the dangerous rabbit hole following a Presidential bid last year, before eventually slipping deeper and deeper down the hole that is understood to be surrounded by very dangerous terrain.

“There’s all sorts of unusual and potentially damaging things down there that could harm Gemma and anyone else who may follow her down there,” one rescue worker explained. “We’re not sure whether there’s toxic gasses down there as she seems to be rambling on and on about very peculiar things that are not even worth mentioning here, and it seems all logic and common sense has been left behind on the surface here.

“I don’t think there’s any hope of getting her back up to surface. She may have gone too far”.

O’Doherty, a once brilliant investigative journalist and staff writer for the Irish Independent, is understood to be joined by several more figures who are all believed to be in a similar situation down the now bottomless pit.

“From what we gather, Gemma, Jim Corr and a few other susceptible individuals were lured down the rabbit hole by conspiracy and alternative media websites and have somehow crawled further into the abyss over the past few months, and are now so far down they cannot see the light of reality,” the rescuer added, now trying to coax the group with cold hard facts, “it’s a pointless exercise at this stage, either they’ve gone past the point of no return, or they see some kind of financial future in the hole and are just pretending to like it down there, I don’t know.

Since descending, thousands of followers have also made the journey down the rabbit hole carrying wads of cash for O’Doherty and her peers. Rescuers believe the hole has now become a hazard and have called for the rabbit hole to be closed up before someone gets really hurt.