US Green Card Holder Trying To Freeload On Irish Public


DURING a robust TV debate surrounding the upcoming European Elections, there have been calls for more to be done about US green card holders trying to freeload off the Irish public in the form of an MEP salary.

The freeloader at the centre of the debate, Peter Casey, is believed to be in the middle of a plan to shamelessly have the hardworking Irish public pay his wages.

Most disturbingly, this is the second time in recent months he has tried to freeload; having previously attempted a similar racket during the Irish presidential elections.

“To think I work my arse off only for this prick to swan in from America with his fancy immigrant’s Green Card trying to free load off us all. It boils my piss so it does,” explained one man, raging at the fact Casey didn’t pay any income tax in Ireland.

“It should be harder for these charlatans to freeload. The second they touch down and begin waffling we should be able to turn them away and send them on the first plane back,” added the man, who is part of a growing group of voters who have no time for US green card holders coming over here stealing our jobs.

Sources close to the MEP candidate say he has been known to say anything in a bid to hoodwink rural Ireland, the elderly and the generally angry and racist too.

Among the inventive strategies employed by the economic migrant in a bid to get the Irish public to pay his wages included ‘just telling it like it is’, being a ‘man of the people’ and ‘not buying into all this political correctness mumbo jumbo’.

In response to the freeloader’s baseless claims on just about everything the media has agreed to publicise everything he says and does.