Local Man Proud For Allowing Foreign National Cross At Pedestrian Crossing


A COUNTY Waterford motorist said he was fairly chuffed with his own behaviour today after stopping his car at a pedestrian crossing to let a foreign national cross the road like a normal person.

Joe Price described the moment as “groundbreaking”, stating that he could see the Muslim woman’s eyes were full of gratitude as he waved her across the road in her long black hijab.

“Sure, they have to live too,” Price told WWN while recalling the international incident on the Manor Road where a new orange lighted pedestrian crossing was recently erected. “I spotted her in the corner of my eye and I immediately knew she wasn’t Irish, so I made an extra effort to put on that nice face I’d normally save for young children, and I even smiled as I instructed her to cross the road”.

Mr. Price believes the mutual understanding of the rules of the road and common courtesy were both reached at the defining moment and that the woman probably has a totally different outlook on Irish people thanks to his really kind gesture.

“I’m sure she spent the whole day telling everyone how nice I was to stop in such a welcoming way,” Price went on, before concluding, “hopefully she doesn’t get in trouble with her husband for engaging with her eyes like that. I wouldn’t like her to get beaten for something so pure and innocent – you know how them lads are”.