Feminist Fail: This Woman’s Letting Her Boyfriend Take Her Out To Dinner


ENDORSING patriarchal structures which underpin the oppression of women everywhere in the world, one Dublin woman has revealed herself to be about as feminist as a wolf whistle slapping a girl on the arse while paying her 14% less than her male counterpart.

WWN Man Stuff can exclusively reveal that 24-year-old Sarah Breen, who likes to bang on about nonsense like equal pay, respect, equality and ‘sexism’ but doesn’t seem to have a problem with being taken out to dinner for Valentine’s Day by her boyfriend of 3 years, proving once and for all what hypocrites every so-called feminist is.

“Jesus, you’d want to hear the highfalutin feminist nonsense that streams from her mouth like a fountain of shit. But here she is, letting a man of all people take her out to dinner. Nice feminism you’ve got there Sarah,” confirmed long suffering coworker of Breen’s, Michael Menkin, who still hasn’t forgiven Breen for not taking his request for a blowjob at the office Christmas party two years ago as the banter it was so clearly meant to be.

Breen, who regularly prattles on about the need to improve women’s access to healthcare in the developing world with a straight face, didn’t even put up a fight when Dave, her boyfriend, said he’d like to ‘treat her’ to dinner.

“He’s forking out for the 3 course set menu meal for two. Does she have any idea how stupid she sounds then when she mentions women’s rights in the Middle East. What a joke, what double standards,” observed close serial liker of all Breen’s social media photos, Cian Clanning.

Early estimates suggest Breen’s feminist fail is so epic and hypocritical it risks damaging the reputation of feminism throughout the world.