“I Love Leaving The Wheelie Bin In Your Way” Admits Binman


REFUSE collection technician Mr. Darren Power has today openly admitted to purposely placing your empty wheelie bin right in the middle of your driveway, so that you physically have to get out of your car to move it.

Power, a 43-year-old bachelor from Kilkenny, told WWN that he loves nothing more than to stop you in your tracks – especially on cold and wet days.

“I’ve developed a knack of just leaving the bin just close enough to the middle of your drive so that you have no other option but to exit your vehicle coming home from work,” the self-confessed ‘bollocks’ stated.

“Sure, I could leave it back exactly where you put it out in the first place, but where would the fun in that be?” he then posed, now purposely leaving several bits of jammed cardboard in the bottom of your neighbours bin “for next time”.

Mr. Power cited his trade’s lack of health and safety, pointing to the fact he had to hang onto the back of a moving truck for dear life to make ends meet as the precursor to his deep seeded customer resentment.

“Rain, hail, sleet or shine I’m left hanging off a moving truck just to empty your crap for what is very little money,” Power explained, “yet I don’t even have to wear a safety harness while the truck speeds down the fucking road at 50 kilometres an hour, where’s the fucking logic in that?”