Local Man Considers Neighbour To Be His Mortal Enemy


WITHOUT any clear reasoning, and unable to cite a specific incident, one Dublin man has nevertheless stated that he considers his next door neighbour to be his mortal enemy.

“The head on him like, just look at him,” Dave Crennan, a Killester based man, confirmed with WWN as he peered out his sitting room curtains, barely able to stand the sight of his neighbour ‘Niall or John something’ merely existing. Something the neighbour has done for the past seven years without giving Crennan any real reason to randomly resent him the way he does.

“He lines his bins up all funny outside his house as well, and he’s always leaving for work in the mornings around the same time as me so he feckin’ forces me to come up with small talk like ‘morning’. Does my head in, he’s knows what he’s doing, too,” added Crennan, and research suggests the 39-year-old is not alone in his belief that his neighbour is his nemesis.

Despite many Irish people not having an argument over a fence, parking spaces or loose paving, many still have an unadulterated passion for disliking their neighbours and considering them to be the biggest foe they have in life.

“Look at that prick,” Crennan said, grinding his teeth as he watched his neighbour carry his shopping into his house with his three young children and wife in such a normal manner that led Crennan to believe he was doing it as some sort of secret plot designed to piss him off.