Plane Forced To Turn Back To Airport After Pilot Forgets Phone Charger


A PLANE entered into a drastic course correction back towards Dublin Aiport just minutes after taking off from a runway earlier today, sparking panic among passengers due to the fact the pilot had left his phone charger behind, WWN can reveal.

The 2.45pm to New York was forced into a sudden turnaround shortly after a pilot could be heard loudly from the cockpit proclaiming “ah for fuck sake”, prompting air traffic control officials to desperately get in touch with the aircraft.

The pilot’s phone battery was believed to be just shy of 50% charged, however, it being a transatlantic flight much of it spent in autopilot mode, the pilot felt he couldn’t risk not being able to watch Youtube, peruse the internet for memes and anonymously posting abuse and insults in plane spotting forums.

In official exchanges reproduced by WWN here below, the pilot and his co-pilot can be heard communicating with Dublin Airport authorities.

Pilot: “Relax feckin’ shouting at me, I’ll be two minutes, I’ve just left me charger in the canteen. Seriously stop shouting, don’t act like you’ve never forgotten something”.

Air Traffic Control: “For Christ sake Martin this is the third time this week”

Co-pilot: “Is it an iPhone Martin? Ya can borrow mine like”

Pilot: “No, it’s one of them feckin’ weird Samsung ones isn’t it. Forget my fuckin’ head if it wasn’t screwed on”.

Co-Pilot: “I might buy a carton of fags then while you’re nipping in for the charger”.

Pilot: “Yeah, grand”.

Air Traffic Control: “All right lads, just don’t forget where you’re parked this time. Don’t want a repeat of Friday, cleared for approach on runway 10 you eejits”.

Passengers where then alerted as to why their scheduled flight required a u-turn in communication via the onboard intercom with many going on to state their sympathy for the pilot.

“We’ve all been there, and yeah we dropped 2,000 feet in about three seconds and did a loop the loop maneuver, and I vomited everywhere from the nausea but c’mon, it could happen to anyone. I’ve lost my car keys more times than I care to mention,” asserted one passenger, who didn’t seem to mind the resulting 12 hour delay.