‘Grossly Unfair’ For British Soldiers Who Murdered People, To Face Charges For Murder


SENIOR BRITISH military officials past and present have come forward once again to confirm that it would be just terribly unfair altogether if any British soldiers, who murdered 14 innocent civilians in the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre, were to be held to account and face charges ranging from ‘murder’ all the way up to ‘murder’.

Former head of the British Army Edwin Bramall made headlines in the last 24 hours by insisting it would be grossly unfair to punish murderers for murdering people.

Bramall, however, forgot to cite the findings of the Saville Inquiry, a British government sanctioned report into Bloody Sunday, which concluded that soldiers falsified their accounts to justify firing on unarmed innocent Catholics, technically otherwise known as or referred to as British citizens.

“What next, are we just going to categorically state that British soldiers are not allowed murder unarmed British citizens? What a nightmare scenario of accountability gone mad,” proclaimed another apologist for the actions of the British soldiers involved in murdering 14 people in Derry in 1972.

Bramall’s words were echoed by the new head of the British Armed Forces General, Nick Carter, who doesn’t seem big on murderers being prosecuted for murdering people either.

Gen. Carter called the Saville Inquiry, which lasted 12 years and prompted an official apology to victims on behalf of the United Kingdom by then prime minister David Cameron, ‘groundless allegations’.

“Well, he’s a bit of a mendacious cunt, isn’t he?” shared one observer with basic rudimentary knowledge of cunts.

Elsewhere, people with a rudimentary understanding on why it is not right for soldiers representing their country to be allowed freely murder unarmed innocent civilians with impunity have told Carter and Bramall to ‘fuck off’.