Heartbroken Man Didn’t Meet Anyone He Knows At Airport


CRESTFALLEN Waterford man Cathal Keys boarded his flight to Germany this morning while weeping openly, after navigating his way through Dublin airport for the first time without bumping into someone he knew.

Traditionally, a trip to the airport for the Tramore native isn’t complete without at least one interaction with someone he knows, usually consisting of a few lines of chit-chat about where the parties are heading and for how long.

Having made it through the car park, the baggage drop, the queue for security, the departure lounge including all available bars, the boarding gate and finally the 2km walk to the waiting Ryanair flight, Keys kept his eyes out for a recognisable face, before being told that if he didn’t get on the flight, he was going to be escorted back to the terminal by a member of security.

“But you always meet someone you know when you’re in the airport,” wept Keyes, as the steward on his 6:30AM flight served him with a can of Heineken.

“For all of my 36 years, I’ve never come to the airport without seeing a neighbour, an old teacher, some lad I met at a cousin’s wedding, someone I used to work with, Brendan O’Carroll, anyone… and then, today, I fell short.

“Where were they all at? Did they see me, and hide? Or has everyone just left the country? Will I ever see someone I know in the airport ever again? So much uncertainty”.

In a last-chance effort to keep his streak of seeing people he knows in the airport alive, Keys will make sure to see someone he knows when he returns to Dublin airport in three days time, if it means he has to hang around for hours.