Muscle Bound Ryan Tubridy Speaks Out On How Exercise Changed His Life


A JACKED UP Ryan Tubridy has spoken for the first time of how his new exercise routine has transformed his life and taken his presenting skills to the next, never before thought possible, level.

The ease and charm with which Tubridy regularly carries out interviews with Ireland’s leading lights is an integral part of the continued success of RTÉ’s Late Late Show, however, as audiences continued to tune in, Tubridy saw the need for improvement.

“You’ve got to stay on top of your presenting game, and this new regime has helped me unlock new ways of visualising questions for the guests,” Tubridy said while in the midst of bench pressing 170kgs.

Tubridy fans will have been surprised by his recent appearances on the Late Late before it broke for the Summer as he can be seen visibly bursting out of the seams of his shirt and suit, his burgeoning muscles hard to contain.

“I’m in a new zone, on a new plain of existence and the clarity of mind one gets from doing 1,000 squats a day is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Never skip leg day, never skip interview preparation,” Tubridy adds, enthusiastically, and the results are clear.

While not meaning to question the interview technique Tubridy has unleashed on celebrities and people of note, he is the first to admit that his last 17 interviews with Nathan Carter on the previous 4 episodes of the show have lacked ‘something’.

“Before I hit the weights hard, I just think maybe the likes of Nathan weren’t getting the best questions I knew I had deep within me,” Tubridy explained, and recent footage of Carter being asked by the host what his favourite colour is certainly shows a new, steely-eyed focus that may have been lacking.

The 45-year-old’s office in RTÉ is a sea of whey protein tubs, with the host making his way through several a day while also listening intently to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast during workouts.

Consuming 12,000 calories daily, and somehow fitting in 8 gym sessions into his busy working routine, Tubridy has never been better, but there have been drawbacks.

“I keep ripping doors clean off their hinges when I go to open them, we’ve had to replace 48 of them in RTÉ studios this week alone, I’m still getting used to the new guns”.