Adorable Letter 8-Year-Old Wrote To Theresa May & Donald Trump Following Syrian Strikes


THE WORLD needs to see the adorable letters an 8-year-old girl wrote to Theresa May and Donald Trump after the recent Syrian airstrikes.

Amy Williams, a 2nd class pupil in St Stephen’s Primary in Waterford, penned an absolutely heartwarming and inspirational pair of letters to the two world leaders following the 14 April airstrikes on Syria. Although she’s only eight, her words are very important and moving. Amy’s letters is GOALS.

Dear Theresa May

I think you need to cop the fuck on to yourself and act in your country’s best interests instead of being a horrible cantankerous bitch looking to make her place in the history books. Just remember, nothing can hide that decrepit soul of yours from seeping through your grey, mothball smelling exterior, so don’t try and pull the wool over my 8 year old eyes – I see through your bullshit. I bet you drown puppies every morning you despicable piece of cockroach shit. Please, stop selling weapons to your scumbag, woman beating Saudi peers, you shameful bag of puss.

Thank You

Amy 8

What a dote! That’s some serious shade she’s throwing at Theresa May, but not in a ‘women tearing each other down’ kind of way. Theresa May really should pay attention. Preach Amy, PREACH! Amy then went on to address the US president with an equally cute approach:

Dear Donald Trump

Instead of bombing countries you have no clue about, how about fixing America’s problems instead of sticking your fat fucking orange nose into everyone else’s business? You psychopathic fucktards spend 600bn every year on the military, yet still can’t win a fucking war or manage to function normally as a society. And then, when the poor people you’ve bombed retaliate, you instruct the news to call them terrorists? You and all those people pulling your strings ARE the fucking terrorists. The world doesn’t belong to America, it belongs to all 7 billion of us, you perverted inbred slimy bastard of a man.

Kind regards

Amy 8

It touches the heart when a young person makes such valid statements like these to world leaders. Who’s cutting onions in here. No, we’re not crying, you’re crying. Good to know that we are in safe hands for the future. Amy is straight up killin’ it today. Giving out serious inspiration. Thanks for the free content Aims!