Satan Marks 25th Of May On Calendar


FOLLOWING the formal announcement by the government that a referendum on the repeal of the 8th Amendment of the constitution will take place on the 25th of May 2018, WWN can exclusively reveal that Satan himself has eagerly marked the date in his calendar.

Carefully collating statements made by some members of the public, this publication has been able to confirm that it is highly likely Satan is gleefully licking his lips at the thought of the Irish public possibly voting to overhaul the laws governing abortion.

“Beezlebub’s nefarious and blackened soul fucking loves increasing the rights of women in the Irish constitution, the meddling, evil prick,” explained one person with knowledge of Satan’s feelings on the matter, “he’s cancelled all planned torturing of sinful souls for eternity for that day too”.

“This is going to be great craic, honestly,” interrupted a booming and monstrous voice transmitted directly to our minds by Satan himself.

However, Satan is not the only entity believed to have marked the date on their calendars with the Irish public also circling the date before taking a deep, deep breath.

Elsewhere, a coven of lustful women marked the news of the referendum by burning a man alive as is in keeping with the ritualistic sacrifices they regularly perform.