EDITORS NOTE: Here’s How To See WWN Posts After The Facebook Changes


Good after morning,

Due to the appalling rise in fake news and alternative media, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is thankfully making it harder for users to make their own decisions and seeing content from publisher pages that they wish to follow, instead prioritising more important content like family and friend’s posts.

We absolutely love this genius idea and are very excited about the new changes, and, of course, using them as an excuse for laying off several employees who we didn’t really like anyway, and replacing them with younger, cheaper, better looking interns.

Facebook said it will prioritize “trustworthy” news in its feed of social media posts, using member surveys to identify high-quality outlets and fight sensationalism and misinformation, so with WWN obviously being Ireland’s most trusted news source, you already know what to do here if asked to do one of these surveys.

Go rev moth a gut.

Established in 1879, and now employing over 3,000 staff, WWN is Ireland’s most engaged facebook page and we wish to keep it that way. Here’s how to see us in the future.

Keeping WWN posts in your newsfeed:

Using your clicking/pressing finger, go to your Facebook page and click the drop-down arrow on the toolbar near the notification button at the top right of the page:

Well done. Now click on “News Feed Preferences”:

You’re really good at this. This will display a preferences page, select “Prioritize who to see first”:

Look at you go! Now, once you’ve clicked that, select “pages only” from the grey box in the top left and select your favourite and most trusted news outlet, WWN:

The pages you select here will now show up first in your newsfeed, so click the WWN logo here. Press ‘done’.

Facebook hasn’t announced exactly when it will force everyone to see what it wants them to see, so we advise users to update this setting as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

Paddy Browne

WWN Editor-in-chief