WWN Gift Guide For Mums


YOUR Mum will always tell you that she ‘doesn’t really want anything for Christmas’, but you’re not going to buy that old chestnut are you? She’s the most special lady in your life, and she deserves a treat as much as anyone else in the family. Here’s a few pointers to make sure she gets the Christmas she’s entitled to!

Spend 14% less on her than on your Dad

Although they both had equal parts to play in your conception and upbringing, it’s foolish to think your Mum should get a present that costs the same as your Dad. After all, he’s a man, he never got maternity leave or anything like that, so factor that into the equation. If you get your Dad a shirt, get your mum a t-shirt. If you get your Dad a pair of shoes, get your Mum a pair of socks. Fair’s fair.

Take some things away from her

If you want the perfect gift for an Irish Mum, what you’ll need to do is actually remove some of the things she already has so that everything syncs up with her standing in society. She doesn’t have bodily autonomy, so mirror this by going into her jewellery box and taking her favourite necklace. If she wants it back, she can put it to the public at some vague date in the future, in a referendum to decide whether or not your Mum should have her favourite book back or whatever.

Scented candles

Always a solid bet.