Tragedy As Man Discovers Crumpled Pizza Voucher In Wallet Is Out Of Date


A CRUMPLED up pizza voucher that one Waterford man guarded more closely than his passport, driving licence, bank cards and loved ones has revealed itself to be out of date thus rendering the tantalising discount null and void, WWN can reveal.

Local Waterford pizza emporium You Wanna Pizza Me had instigated a recent voucher promotion in the form of a flimsy piece of paper with an expiry date on it which caught the eye of Tramore man Billy Whelan, 29.

Whelan, a fan of any and all ways to save himself money, treasured the voucher as it initially took pride of place in his wallet before the weeks went by and he sort of forgot about it. It was in the intervening weeks that, unbeknownst to Whelan, the voucher effectively became a ticking time bomb in the form of an expiry date.

Made only from paper, the voucher had no technological means of alerting Whelan to the fact it was now out of date in the form of an app or online mailing list, leaving the pizza fan to make the grisly discover this morning.

The incident has been made all the more tragic by the fact Whelan had spoken to friends and family with such excitement when he first received the voucher which is now but a worthless piece of crumpled paper, a devastating reminder of the discount that could have been.

“It’s wafer thin exterior, with a faded barcode no one can make out; it’s the stuff of nightmares, I know it will haunt me with it’s promise of a discount it can no longer give me,” a teary-eyed Whelan said of the 30% discount on all large pizzas provided it is ordered Mon-Thurs between the hours of 11am-1pm while Mercury is in retrograde.

“I rang them up and begged them to switch to an online type of system, but they just said that would make it too easy and hung up. I’m shattered,” Whelan added, with the phantom taste of chicken and bacon pizza with BBQ sauce teasing at his taste buds.

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