Majority Of Irish Media Agree To Stay Quiet On Gate Theatre Sexual Harassment Story


DESPITE reporting around the clock about the brave and courageous disclosures made by men and women in Hollywood about the sexual harassment they have suffered at the hands people in positions of power, the majority of the Irish media is bewilderingly reluctant to devote the same time, effort and detail in the still unfolding Gate Theatre harassment story.

Articles on British politicians accused of similar things were overflowing with details, and the names of those accused seen clearly in print for Irish readers, however the same pattern has failed to emerge when detailing allegations made against an unnamed, former director of the Gate Theatre by as many as 6 women.

“Oh, you mean Michael Colgan,” queried one member of the public, who has failed to see the name written in some of the publications she was fond of up until now.

“Yeah, that’s weird isn’t it, just like when Terry Prone went on the Late Late Show the other week and said a former RTÉ Radio man would expose his genitals to women, and then no publication bothered asking any follow up questions. Ah, Ireland,” concluded the member of the public as steam began emanating from her ears.

Defending its lack of a role in reporting the scandal in a way that tallies with how it has reported all non-Irish sexual harassment stories, members of the media were quick to not actually answer any direct questions put to them.

“Right, eh, yeah, well, legally, eh, libel laws and eh, look we’ll report on it once it’s all been resolved in 10 years time or something,” confirmed one editor we spoke to who could barely look us in the eye.

“When someone comes out and accuses Kevin Spacey of something, we report it all, every detail. When numerous women come out and accuses an unnamed man working in an unnamed theatre in an unnamed location, we report only vague details. I don’t see the difference between the two stories really,” added the editor.

Elsewhere the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar backed people coming forward with their stories of sexual harassment, assault and rape while posing beside an episode of Stranger Things and a puppy.

“I know we’ve cut funding to places like the Rape Crisis Network Ireland so they can’t actually compile studies and reports which would help Ireland get a better handle and understanding on the problems facing victims and how to stop these things, but we’re like, totally behind all these people coming forward,” confirmed the Taoiseach before adding the relevant hashtag.